AerialDrop is a tactical artillery based strategy game where you need to elminate your opponent with well aimed shots. Players will have to deal with the wind constantly changing and the battlefield shrinking every shot. AerialDrop features unique features like combo shots and interactive online experience. Get huge damage with long distance shots, or go easy and get a guaranteed shot. This is old school fun in the browser!

The new world has become very competitive in the year 2345, where carnivals all around the world are formed. They compete against each other with their mechs to show dominance in each sector. Each having its pros and cons in a ever changing world sporting seasonal events. Society has become more and more "peaceful" while having many economic issues. To solve this issue, the World Government has allowed each group to fight for rewards and importance in the Grand Scheme.

The chance for eternal glory is yours!



Base HP: 10000

Utility: Bore Bombs

Ultimate: Air Strike

Bombard is a giant on the battlefield and a powerful presence in combat. He is a master of explosives and utilizes 2 sets of bombs to vanquish his foes. The first bomb he uses is a single shot with a small explosion radius after impact. The second, bombard sends out 4 mini bombs, with a bigger explosion radius to dig his enemies down deep. Bombard proves to be a formidable opponent to any team composition.


Base HP: 11000

Utility: Rolling Saw

Ultimate: Tunnel Blade

Buzzer is the train of pain, shredding through his enemies one shot at a time. Buzzer's first attack is a buzzsaw that shreds through your opponent. The mech's secondary attack is a buzzsaw that will continue spinning on the ground depending on which direction the wind is blowing. Buzzer is sure to bring the pain to the battlefield.


Base HP: 12000

Utility: Lava Blast

Ultimate: Lava Drop

Geddon the volcanic behemoth, sculpted by rock from great volcano fields. The first attack in your arsenal is the lava bomb, a medium size projectile with a powerful impact. The second attack is the lava blast. Four small projectiles shoot out and fill in the land where they fall. Geddon will burn a hole right through the opposition.


Base HP: 11000

Utility: Ice Spear

Ultimate: Ice Fall

Icebreaker is strong enough to break through tundra and even stronger on the battlefield. Icebreaker utilizes the blizzard bomb, a single shot round that explodes and creates max terrain destruction. Anchor spear is a giant ice anchor that pierces through the enemy and knocks your enemy back a small distance. Icebreaker will have you frozen in fear.


Base HP: 10000

Utility: Bouncy Goo

Ultimate: Move and Bounce

Sludge is a mystery, how a pile of slime became a tank is beyond anyone's guess. Sludge's first attack is a basic projectile of green slime, that is pretty powerful. The next move that player's can use is a projectile of green slime that bounces once, and then explodes on the second bounce. Hitting your opponent with the second bounce will do more damage. The distance of the bounce is affected by wind speed, direction and the power of the shot. Sludge is going to leave you feeling dirty.


Base HP: 9000

Utility: Light Beam

Ultimate: Chain Lightning

Stormbolt is a marvel of the modern world, his body is made up a synthetic cloud that has been weaponized. Stormbolt's first attack is a basic projectile that goes through your opponent. Storm's wraith is your secondary attack, after your initial shot a bolt of lightning falls from the sky for huge damage. Stormbolt's power is going to shock you.











One vs One.


Three Person Free For All.


Two vs Two.


Four Person Free For All.


Five Person Free For All.


Three vs Three.


Six Person Free For All.


Easy Target Practice


Medium Target Practice


Hard Target Practice


The Tutorial