AerialDrop is a 2d turn-based online mech warfare game. Your goal is to kill your enemies, giving you one attack each turn. Wind will change each turn to make each shot a little tougher. When shooting your power bar which is blue will show you how powerful your shot will be, you can set it by clicking the bar. During your turn you will have a limited amount of fuel which allows you to travel short distances and will replenish each turn. The fuel bar is in the arrow above your mech during your turn. And you also have a energy bar which is purple that stores energy points that can be spent on useful shots, which charges each shot. You can play aggressively, defensively, or try some hybrid of the two.

AerialDrop offers skill and tactics all in one.

How-to Play

To start playing AerialDrop, you must first signup or use a guest account for a quick match. If you signup, you can login and you will be brought to the main chat. When logged in you will see the global chat, from here you will see a navigation bar and you can click Play. This gives you a few options: Queue, Create, Practice, List, Garage, Crew and Settings.

Queue will search for matches for you that are currently public and match the mode you selected. Create will make a match for you, in which you will have to wait for people to join or you can test something in sandbox mode! Practice is a single player mode that you can read about below. Or if you know the match you want to join you can type a room number in the input field in the navigation bar and click join. Last option to join a match is hit the list option, which will bring you to a list of currently playing matches you can join.

If you selected a team based mode, teams will be randomly selected unless you created one in the main chat area. Once the match is set, everyone votes on a map. From there you will then be able to select a mech. The match begins shortly after!

Once you're in a match, you wait for your turn. You have the choice to use 9 shots in total, a standard shot, secondary shot, 6 utility attacks all mechs have, and then an ultimate attack. Each type of shot besides 1 and 2 show the letter of the associated attack: 1 (for Standard), 2 (for Utility), W (for Wind Change), T (for Teleport), B (for Bunker), S (for Shield), H (for Heal), D (for Double Shot) and U (for Ultimate). You start with enough energy so you have the chance to use teleport or if you want to change the wind. You receive more points for hitting enemies and when the turn changes. Your fuel also refills each round.

To move you use the right and left arrows, which use fuel that is visually show within the arrow above your mech. You can aim with your controls by moving the cannon up and down via the up and down arrow. Depending on the angle of the arrow off of your cannon, that is where your bullet will shoot. Set the power of your shot by clicking the blue bar, and shoot via the crosshair button. The camera locks on the action but you can zoom out with the expand button. Also Ultimate shots feature a combo, which can be activated once the shot is in the air and you shoot again.

Use your moves wisely and you can easily dominate your match, and if you really want to show off with Double Shot, but it can be embarrassing too!

Target Practice

Target practice is a single player mode in which your aim is on the line! You have three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each varies in difficulty respectively and you can't move during practice mode. You also can not use your energy based moves and you will get small amount of BP and XP.


The Garage features an accessory system for customization. You can select an accessory or flag and it will show on your mech in-game!

Eventually it will feature a Store where you can buy numerous graphical additions.